Round Tables

→ Encounter between clinical and Research
Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb (Italia); Myriam Muñoz Polit (México)
Madeleine Fogarty (Australia); Otto Glanzer (Alemania)

→ Methodology for research in Gestalt
Pablo Herrera (Chile); Hugo Almada (México);
Sari Scheinberg (Suecia); Madeleine Fogarty (Australia)

→ How to do research in Gestalt: the contribution of field theory
Gianni Francesetti (Italia), Jan Roubal (República Checa), Philip Brownell (USA)

→ “Present and future of Gestalt”
Dra. Adriana Schnake (Chile), Dr. Francisco Huneeus (Chile), Myriam Muñoz Polit (Mexico), y Dr. Otto Glanzer (Germany)

Keynote Speakers and Plenary Conferences

Clara Hill de 320x400 

Clara Hill, PhD - USA

Conference: “Give advice in psychotherapy: is it advisable?”


Mariane Krause, PhD - Chile

Conference: “Investigation of the Psychotherapy Process: from psychotherapeutic interaction to the evolution of change”

Otto Glanzer

Dr. Otto Glanzer (Germany)

Conference: “My country found”


The art and politics of practitioner Research. Christine Stevens (UK); Rosie Burrows (UK); Sari Scheinberg (Suecia); Claire Asherson (UK)

Research on the holistic approach to health and disease created by Adriana Schnake. Marina Varas Schnake y Antonio Martínez Ribes (CHILE)

The TG in the treatment of victims of violence in Ciudad Juárez. Dr. Hugo Almada, José López MD, Silvia González MD (MÉXICO)

Brief psychotherapy in Gestalt therapy: Reviews, changes, improvements. João Burnier, Luciana Monteleone, Raquel Bernardes, Enio Brito (BRASIL)

Gestalt Therapy in the treatment of processes linked to health and disease. Dr. Hugo Almada, Mtra Silvia Castellanos, Mtra Adriana Varela (MÉXICO)

The phenomenology and Aesthetics of primary fields: A research to connect development and psychopathology
Vicent Béja (Francia) Actitud fenomenológica en campos primarios
Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb (Italia) Investigación sobre sincronía entre cuidadores y niños.
Marina Varas Schnake (Chile) Presentación de caso con adolescente con SCTS.

From topics of interest to a research project. Helena Gonzalez (México), Mabel García (Uruguay), Guadalupe Morales (México): Metodólogo – Pablo Herrera, PhD (Chile)

From topics of interest to a research project. Alfonso Morelos (México), Laura Ugartemendía (Uruguay), Albrecht Boeckh (Alemania): Metodólogo - Dr. Hugo Almada (México)

Creation and validation of a polarity measuring instrument in Gestalt. Pablo Herrera y Antonio Martínez (CHILE):

How to perform effectiveness research in Gestalt psychotherapy: single case (SCTS) Pablo Herrera - AGCHI - (CHILE)

Presentation of research results unique in Chile (1 and 2)
Antonio Martinez y Carlos Sandoval (CHILE)

Theoretical Thesis in Chile. Mónica Hernández, Ricardo García, Carola Fernández, Ricardo Hernandez, Paula Diaz (CHILE)


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