Conference dates: May 29, 30, 31 and June 1, 2019

Conference Main Theme

"Research in Gestalt Therapy: Towards an Effective Practice"


The fundamental spirit of this conference is to maintain and strengthen a link between Gestalt research and Gestalt clinic.
Sometimes Gestalt therapists and clinicians have the fantasy that research is something far from practice. Both in its implementation, as if it were happening in a "laboratory", as well as in its implications, as if these only had an impact on articles and academic papers.
The conference wants to promote the relationship between the clinic and the research as a single unit. In Gestalt, all of us who do research are clinical and research could be done while clinics are done in the same effort. On the other hand the results of the investigations should serve to see, think, modify, improve and make our clinical work more effective; and why not, validate Gestalt in the professional environment of psychotherapy with the practical effects that it has for all Gestaltists in the world.

Conference's Themes:

1. Basic Starting Considerations for Research in Gestalt Therapy: There will be a sub-theme designed for psychotherapists who are interested in learning about and beginning research in Gestalt psychotherapy. This sub theme will include presentations with basic considerations of methodology and philosophy of science that support research in Gestalt. The idea is to motivate and facilitate the approach of clinical psychotherapists to research, diminishing fears and taboos and increasing the sensation of the possibility and the importance of combining the clinic with research.

2. Developing Research Projects–either completed or in progress: In the second sub-topic we will provide a space for centers and people from around the world who are developing ongoing research projects (complete or in progress), to present them to the community and generate a debate and contributions between the different researchers. This can enrich the research in terms of being able to coordinate efforts, offer ideas on topics and methodology and receive feedback and suggestions.

3. Growing edge in the Field of Research in Gestalt Therapy, Coaching, and Organizational Development: The third sub-theme aims to open a space for debate and reflection on the latest topics and methodologies in the Gestalt research tradition. What are the ideas, themes and proposals of ways, methods and interests to be followed by the research community in Gestalt? Where do we want to go?

4. Coordinating and Organizing Gestalt Research Internationally: Finally, the conferences are a space where main goal is the "meeting". We want to offer spaces so that the centers and people can come together to talk about common interests, support, offer and receive help is fundamental for the community of those that we want to investigate in Gestalt. Both projects are already operating, and for new ideas, both for researchers with experience as for new researchers. And who knows if to think about the creation of a research partnership in Gestalt worldwide to maintain this necessary cooperation and contact between Gestalt researchers in all the world.


Key Dates:

• June 1st, 2018: Call for Abstracts
September 15th, October 31st 2018: Deadline to submit abstracts
• October 15th, 2018: Notice of abstract acceptance
• October 30th, 2018: Deadline to presenters registration

Conference Language

Official languages: English and Spanish. All sessions will have consecutive or simultaneous translation

Conference dates

May 29, 30, 31 and June 1, 2019


AFull details about Santiago city is available for download.

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